Why injecting against rising damp is never the solution

When you have a moisture problem in your home, you often get rising damp as a diagnosis. The solutions they offer for this is injecting.

Rising damp
The damage you see is only a very small part of the underlying cause. This cause is however never capillary absorption of groundwater.

Surprised? Humida has been sharing this information for more than 10 years, but still there appear articles in trade magazines and of construction websites about the efficiency of injection against rising damp.

Find the real cause
By dealing with only a very small visual part of the damage, you do not change anything about the real cause. Some examples:

• When a pipe leaks, a reference to surface tension will bring no solace.
• When the ground level zone isn’t waterproof, your floor will still be cold and wet after injecting.
• When moisture condensates because of a vapour pressure difference, injecting will only move the damage.
• And many more other causes

Humida hasn’t found anyone who can prove the opposite. We have inspected more than 40.000 buildings in half of Europe, where we always come to the same conclusion. There is always another cause present than capillary absorption of groundwater. This in all kinds of buildings: new constructions, rowhouses, castles, churches, farms, etc.

Sector ignores the real problem
Meanwhile thousands of contractors, architects, engineers, court experts and other professionals have followed our perseverant, accredited moisture training. None of these specialists could prove that rising damp directly causes moisture problems. Many of them look at problems from another view since the training.

Even more, students professional bachelor in Construction are forced to change subjects of their thesis when they conclude after research that rising damp is not a cause.

Save thousands of euros
Too many house owners let execute completely useless interventions every day for thousands of euros. And that is very sad. Do not get misguided when you read about moisture problems. Even when reading articles in so-called renowned institutions.

Think for yourself. Save yourself from useless interventions and always search for the right cause.

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