Wet spots on the walls

When discovering wet spots on the walls, many people invariably think of rising damp. The wet spots on the walls are only an observation, a superficial visible phenomenon. After a thorough analysis it seems the so-called rising damp does not exist. After thorough investigation in over 40.000 buildings it seems the right causes are not “rising damp”. This is further clarified in the manual “Moisture control against 2021”. A moisture spot on a wall in a house only becomes visible after the paint and wall paper come loose. This is caused by the expansion of solvable salts, transported by water. This water can come from very far. The correct cause can be very far from the damage place. So it is extremely important to determine the right cause so a right measure can be taken. It is important to known where the first moisture spot started and if there where any changes to the house. Possibly the moisture has started after extreme weather conditions.

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