Construction expert region West Flanders

We are looking for a motivated, self-employed expert with knowledge of construction. You will work as a subcontractor of Humida and you live in the region of West Flanders. This way we can shorten the distance between the client and a Humida expert.

Department: subcontracting
Project Location(s): BE - West Flanders


  • You are self-employed with a VAT number
  • You have an adequate knowledge of construction
  • You can detect the cause of a moisture problem yourself
  • You are communicative, social and venturous
  • Your mindset affiliates with that of Humida


  • You are handed clients from your region (radius of ± 70km)
  • You examine the problem on-site
  • You draw the right conclusions and give an appropriate advise
  • You write a report with your observations, conclusion and advice

Do you want to be part of the dynamic team of Humida? Do you want to utilise the shared knowledge of all the Humida colleagues? Do you want to work independently, but still as a team? Do you want to make clients happy by fixing their problems? Or do you want more information about this job opening?

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