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Belgium and the Netherlands


  • High vapour pressure goes to low vapour pressure

    A higher vapour pressure always goes to places where the vapour pressure is lower. When you blow up a balloon and let is go untied, it flies through the room. This is kind of the same. Almost always the vapour pressure in a house, building or apartment is higher than outside wherefor there’s always moisture

    10 July 2019
  • Reduce more than 2.000.000 tons CO² without insulating

    An average house has a CO² emission of 22 tons per year per household, whereof 4 ton because of heating. In an average house there can be saved 30% easily on heating. This by dealing with moisture problems so no more moisture needs to be absorbed or discharged. About 30% of all houses have to

    10 July 2019
  • Moisture costs 2% of value house

    When you want to buy a house with moisture problems, calculate a deduction of 1 à 2% of the value of the house. On average this is enough to fix the posed moisture problems completely. With a house of € 300.000 this is € 6000. Usually there isn’t more needed to take the causes of

    10 July 2019
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