Save 30% on heating costs without insulating

With a few simple procedures you can easily save 20 – 30% on your energy bill. For this, placing extra insulation is an obvious step, but still. In at least 30% of all houses you can save 20 – 30% on heating costs by not heating moisture anymore.

When you know that a cold floor is always a wet floor.
When you know that an uninsulated floor does not feel cold when it is dry.
When you know that the biggest cause of the input of moisture is the not being waterproof of the ground level zone.
When you know that a wet floor can contain hundreds or even 2.000 litre water.

According to construction physics it takes a lot of energy to heat up moisture. Warm air likes to suck up moisture because warm air expands very much.

Waterproof the ground level zone and the floor does not cool off anymore. The warmed air does not absorb moisture anymore and you save minimally 20% on the heating costs. If it is difficult to get you house warm in the cold winter months, this has probably to do with the absorption of moisture.

A not waterproof ground level zone is probably the most underrated cause of all moisture problems in buildings. Even if you do not have moisture damage, the extra heating cost for warming this moisture is wasted money. You can solve this in an easy way and save a lot. Take 30% of the annual use and multiply this with 10 years and you have a great budget to work on this problem. A great save, isn’t it?

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