Reduce more than 2.000.000 tons CO² without insulating

An average house has a CO² emission of 22 tons per year per household, whereof 4 ton because of heating. In an average house there can be saved 30% easily on heating. This by dealing with moisture problems so no more moisture needs to be absorbed or discharged.

About 30% of all houses have to deal with visible problems whereby this absorption and discharge happens.

An easy calculation proves: In 2015 Belgium had 4.822.301 households. 4.822.301 x 30% x 30% x 4 tons CO² per year is a save of 30% of 4.822.301 = 1.446.690 30% of 1.446.690 = 434.007 x 4 = 1.736.028 tons CO² per year for Belgium.

In 2015 The Netherlands had 7.720.787 households. 7.720.787 x 30% x 30% x 4 tons CO² per year is a save of 30% of 7.720.787 = 2.316.236 30% of 2.316.236 = 694.871 x 4 = 2.779.484 tons CO² per year for The Netherlands.

Hidden moisture problems are not even taken into account. Also these hidden problems contain by absorbing and discharging the present moisture and vapour pressure 30% of the heating costs. This way houses will never be energy neutral.

By also taking these hidden moisture productions away you can save another 2.000.000 tons CO² in Belgium and also this amount in The Netherlands, without insulating one metre. So be aware.