Protecting monuments for posterity

Conservation of monuments is the protection, conservation, maintenance and restoration of real estates which are of common interest because of their historic, folkloristic, artistic, scientific, industrial-archeologic or other social-cultural value.

To have these monuments weathered in their entirety by direct rainfall is embarrassing. Start by hydrohobizing the entire exterior in the entire exterior perimeter. It is important to choose the right product composition and to have a treatment carried out on at least 9 cm, the width of approximately 1 brick.

It is a fable that you’ll get moisture or frost damage by hydrohobizing brickwork. The used products, after all,  stay vapour open. As a result the combined density will decrease, which means that there will be much less frost damage. An empty pore will not cause frost expantion force.

Is there damage to one or more bricks, look to the real underlying causes. A Humida expert can help you. Check simultaneously with hydrohobizing the outer walls the waterproofness of the ground level zone, the state of the old drain pipes and the necessary vapour pressure venting. It is only this combination that causes the resulting damage to monuments.