Moisture costs 2% of value house

When you want to buy a house with moisture problems, calculate a deduction of 1 à 2% of the value of the house. On average this is enough to fix the posed moisture problems completely.

With a house of € 300.000 this is € 6000. Usually there isn’t more needed to take the causes of the moisture away for good.

Moisture damage and problems are not a reason anymore to not buy or sell a house.

If there is no direct damage visible, it can be interesting to let a construction expert take a look at the house. Very often there are various hidden problems present. This way you won’t be surprised after the purchase.

Also take in account that water is odourless. When it smells musty in a particular room, this isn’t moisture but flying mould. These moulds naturally cultivate in the presence of moisture. Then there has to be a moisture problem present, hidden or not. Also be aware of hidden moisture problems. These quickly cost 30% on heating per year. Always check the ground floor and the cellar or crawling space when buying an apartment. This way you won’t be surprised.