Drying time winter vs summer

Every big moisture problem needs a drying time of maximum 2 months in summer and maximum 3 months in winter. Measure again after this drying time and you can determine whether the taken precautions are sufficient or whether there is still a third cause present.

When everything is soaking wet, it is hard to find a direction and a view of a possible hidden third cause. Take all the identifiable main causes away, await the drying time and measure after this period again.

Don’t get send away that you need a drying time of 1 or 2 years. This is utter rubbish.

A normal relative humidity in a house of 60 – 65% in summer can be normal because the vapour pressure outside is much higher than inside. A measured relative humidity in summer of 70 – 80% is not normal.

In the winter months however, a normal relative humidity in a house of 30 – 35% is considered perfectly normal. Do you measure in cold winter months in a house or apartment a relative humidity of 60% or more, than there is a very serious moisture problem.

This is never occupant behaviour because the causal moisture production is always in relation of minimum 1 in 100 with other moisture sources. A leaking ground level zone, a wet cellar or crawling space is in relation of 1 in 1000 towards occupant behaviour. So be aware.