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Case 1

Mold in both bedrooms on the top floor.

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Case 2

Condensation in children’s room.

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Case 3

Fear of health with moisture problems.

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  • Interior insulation is never without risk

    Insulating on the inside of houses is construction physically (almost) impossible to execute correctly without damage. It is however easily recommended by manufacturers. Often there is a risk of internal condensation and accompanying mold. In practice we haven’t seen any execution without any visible or measurable damage, let alone hidden mold. Only with renovations you

    17 August 2021
  • Parabolic dew point calculation

    If you still use a vapour diffusion calculation and you get a linear cooling as a result, you can ignore it completely. These are programs from the 70’s, where you hit the dew point in the centre of 4 cm insulation. Today houses have to be energy neutral or even passive with 20 – 30cm

    9 December 2020
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