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Case 1

Mold in both bedrooms on the top floor.

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Case 2

Condensation in children’s room.

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Case 3

Fear of health with moisture problems.

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  • Functional requirements constructions

    De requirements set for a construction depend on the functional use to which the building belongs. The type of functional use determines which requirements have to be applied. According to the definition “user function” means: the parts of a construction that have the same use and form a user unit together. A building is understood

    28 April 2022
  • Protecting monuments for posterity

    Conservation of monuments is the protection, conservation, maintenance and restoration of real estates which are of common interest because of their historic, folkloristic, artistic, scientific, industrial-archeologic or other social-cultural value. To have these monuments weathered in their entirety by direct rainfall is embarrassing. Start by hydrohobizing the entire exterior in the entire exterior perimeter. It

    31 January 2022
  • Reverse evidence

    Do you have a damage claim and is the cause of the problem after research clear, but the damager of insurer won’t follow you? Then you can possibly propose to provide a reverce evidence. When they will not repay you for the damage, take the cause away. If everything dries up then you possibly have

    8 November 2021
  • Interior insulation is never without risk

    Insulating on the inside of houses is construction physically (almost) impossible to execute correctly without damage. It is however easily recommended by manufacturers. Often there is a risk of internal condensation and accompanying mold. In practice we haven’t seen any execution without any visible or measurable damage, let alone hidden mold. Only with renovations you

    17 August 2021
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